Together, we are building a creative community

NOVADEI is a registered Canadian small business based in the National Capital Region in Ottawa, with artists and creatives in its network from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast to up North.

NOVADEI employs a social enterprise model to simultaneously achieve community impact and organizational sustainability. It is a new member of the Arts Network Ottawa.

NOVADEI is currently:

  • Collaborating with creatives virtually, and working on a few projects including the launch of this website.

  • Creating custom t-shirts as requests come in.

  • Building our Online Gift Shop and Creative Online Gallery to help Canadian artists and creatives access the online marketplace through the online shop.

  • Offering a webpage for artists and creatives based in Canada for a monthly fee of $5.

  • Developing a peer mentoring framework to sustainably grow our creative community.

If you would like to apply and be considered for the Gift Shop or Creative Online Gallery, we encourage you to read our About Us page to ensure alignment, and complete the online submission form HERE

For all other inquiries, such as collaborative opportunities, the artist webpage, custom apparel, or peer mentoring, contact us at to start the conversation. Thank you!